We are committed to quality design, printing and mailing in order to make sure your ministry looks its best.





Our design team can help you come up with the perfect design.  Whether it be a post card, magnet, prayer letter,
e-newsletter or any of our other products. Check out some of our designs in the Template Gallery.

We have a vast array of printers ready to print your project.  Our printers can print everything from your prayer letter to a magnet and everything in between.

We even have special envelope printers ready to print your logo or picture
right on the envelope.

We have equipment that can get your project ready for mailing in a fraction of the time it would take you. Our high capacity folder and inserter gets prayer letters ready to mail in minutes.  We can also send out your project by email with our Chalk Mail email service.


The following are prices for a few of our most popular items.  A price estimator is built into our order form.  Our letter prices include a printed envelope, mail prep and postage.


Color Letter 1 page (front)
Color Letter 1 page (edge to edge)

Color Letter 2 page (front & back)
Color Letter 2 page (edge to edge)

Postcard (stamped & mailed)
Postcard (shipped)
Half-page post card (stamped & mailed)

Half-page post card (shipped)

Magnet 3.25 x 4.75 with rounded corners

Magnet 2 x 3.5


Thank You Cards (stamped & mailed)
Thank You Cards


Leaving Piece brochure

Leaving Piece brochure (edge to edge)

Photo Card 4 x 8" (stamped & mailed)

Photo Card 4 x 8" (shipped)


$ 1.29

$ 1.39


$ 1.34

$ 1.44

$ 0.81

$ 0.33

$ 1.09

$ 0.52


$ 0.85
$ 0.55


$ 1.07
$ 0.38


$ 0.68

$ 0.75

$ 1.15

$ 0.52


Need a layout guide for a post card or just instructions on how to export a database?  Click on a link to open the file or right click and choose Save Target As to download to your computer.


     8.5 x 14 with perforated end
     Pages        Publisher        Word

Pages        PDF          Word


For other layout guides including letters, newsletters, legal size letters and other program types. Please email


  Post Card

    4.25 x 5.5

    5.5 x 8.5


    2 x 3.5
    3.25 x 4.75       

Photo Card

     4 x 8             


    8.5 x 11       

Pages     Publisher     Word
Pages     Publisher     Word

Pages     Publisher
Pages     Publisher

Pages     Publisher

Pages     Publisher     Word


Chalk Line’s printing service features a range of available styles for your big day. Choose the service and items that best fit your style and budget!

- Informal & Semi-Formal Invitations

- Save the Date

- Bridal Shower

- Ceremony Programs

- Place Cards

- Bachelorette Party

- Rehearsal Dinner

- Menus

- Table Card




Email Prayer Letter Service

  • We can design and setup your e-newsletter
  • Our "static" design is an exact copy of your printed letter
  • We can send your e-newsletter for you
  • There is no monthly fee for Chalk Mail
  • We offer custom HTML template designs

    • Static email design
    • New HTML  email template design
    • Edit existing HTML template
    • Send credits*

      * 1 send credit = 1 email sent to 1 recipient

$ 7.99

$ 75

$ 30




Chalk Line is the ultimate MINISTRY tool!

Modern designs that make it easy to show your ministry in action!

Account Update:

Update your credit card info, change address, staff account, email etc...


Upload your large file... Files over 25mb can be uploaded here. Files under 25mb can be uploaded on our order form. Once you have uploaded your large files, please use our order form to place your order.

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About us


At Chalk Line, our mission is to provide a service that streamlines your communication with your ministry partners.  We are committed to quality design, printing and mailing in order to make sure your ministry looks its best.


Chalk Line was officially founded in 2002, and has continued to grow.  We stress quality and service while continuing to add products to our line.  We now have 9 employees and mail about 5000 letters every day.





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